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    Bangkok City of Angels

    Bangkok has only recently been appointed capital of Thailand, chosen over Ayuttaya for better strategic options at the entrance of the Chaopraya River. It was then decided to turn an old Moo Ban known as Bangkok, "the village of the wild plum trees" into the most dynamic city in South-East Asia perpetuating the tradition of Siam's Greatness.

    Bangkok is today one of the top international megalopole and the star of South East Asia, providing the most hectic city business areas as well as the hottest entertainment imaginable, truly amazing Thailand.

    Visiting Bangkok

    Throughout the years, Bangkok (Krungthep in Thai) has grown from a city scattered along the Chaopraya river to a metropolitan district that spans as many as six provinces. The city's main city business areas and residential areas are continuously expanding.

    The most important city business areas of Bangkok include Silom, Bangrak, Pinklao, Chinatown, Sathon, Phetchaburi, Phra Nakhon, Pathumwan, Chatuchak (Jatujak in Thai), and Phra Ram 3 and Kaosan Road.

    The city counts 1,000 skyscrapers and ranks 17th as the world's tallest city, this does not include hundreds of recent buildings predicted as part of the construction boom in 2007 and the coming year

    Skytrain and Bangkok Subway


    BTS (or Skytrain) has two train lines: one from the north bus terminal at Mochit to Sukhumvit Soi 77 (Soi On Nut). They run from the National Stadium (Pathumwan crossroads) to Taksin Bridge at the bottom of Thanon Sathorn. At the Siam  station, passengers can change lines.


    Fare is between Bt10-Bt50.

    Some pathways are available to bridge to certain hotels, shopping and entertainment centers and city business areas, the recently opened Bangkok Metro runs from the Hua Lamphong train station in the south to the Chatuchak (Jatujak in Thai) market and Bang Sue in the north.
    Bangkok Skytrain BTS and Subway maps are here

    Motorcycle Taxis


    A recent form of transport provides a quicker way for commuting during peak hours. Moto taxi are found at every corner and go anywhere you wish in Bangkok, but fares must be negotiated, usually 10 Baht if you stay inside a soi, 20 if you go further, 30 if you are left far inside a third soi... then you can count about 100 Baht from Kaosan Road to Nana.


    Regular taxicabs abound if you want a more flexible and comfortable way of getting around. The starting rate is Bt35, plus Bt2 per unit which is calculated based on kms and time.

    Taxi drivers are obliged by law to use their meter and you can oblige them to.


    A tricycle taxi traditionally used by Thais to transport market supplies or other. The three-wheeled, open-air tuk-tuk can take you almost anywhere in Bangkok but can become quite expensive. Tuk tuk drivers don't like long fares.

    City Buses

    The city bus network in bangkok is excellent and cheap. It is a wonderful way to tour the city for the best prices. Lines are a bit confusing but Free city maps available at BTS stations can help you get to places on a city bus.

    Fare for regular city buses (orange or white and blue is between 7 to 9 Baht, and 10 to 20 Baht for air-conditioned city buses, while micr-ocity buses have a flat rate up to Bt20.

    If you wish to travel a little faster by bus try the small green buses, they usually follow the same line numbers than their regular bus counterparts but are smaller, cheaper, and run faster in traffic
    Airport city buses to several destinations from Kaosan Road to Sukhumvit in the city costs 100 Baht.

    River and Klong Boats

    Long Tail river boats boats travel on established routes along the klongs until Chao Phraya River and to nearby provinces. Fare depends on distance, starts at 8 Baht and you can count an increase of 1 to 3 Baht per station, you'll have to know your destination upfront. There are piers near major business areas such as Sukhumvit and the World Trade Center.

    They are the fastest way to travel in Bangkok and they make connections to reach the whole city.

    Government city bus Agency Official Table from Transportation Authorities of Thailand

    Bangkok bus Schedule: Reserve city bus from Bangkok to Phuket, Ko Samui, Ko Samet, Chiangmai and all destinations,
    call 02 437 7192 or call 02 435 5605
    or visit



    Class A/C
    From Bangkok
    Distance Km
    Duration hr
    Fare Bt

    Standard 1 A V.I.P 24 seats 07h30,17h30,18h00,18h30 13    

    Standard 1 32 seats 07h45h00 PM 867 13 567
    Standard 1 06h50h00 PM 891 14 500
    Standard 2 (63) 07h00,09h30,14h00, 16h00, 891 ., 14 389

    17h00, 20h00, 22.30


    Transport Co., Ltd. (Tel. 02-4347192, 02-4351199, (

    Class A/C From Bangkok
    (Baht) Days
    Standard 1 A 07h00,19h30,20h20 660
    V.I.P (24 seats)

    Standard 1 19h30,20h00 430
    Standard 2 19h30,20h30 337
    Sophon Tour Tel. 02-4355023 Class A/C From Bangkok Fares (Baht) Days
    V.I.P (32 seats) 08h00h00 PM 647
    even days
    Standard 1 (38 seats) 07h00h00 PM 570
    even days

    Transport Co., Ltd. (Tel. 02-9363670, Class From Bangkok Distance Duration Fares (Baht)
    Standard 1 (A) V.I.P. 24 09h00, 19h30, 20h00, 20h35, 713 10 625
    seats (18) 21h00, 21h30

    Standard 1 (P) 32 06h45, 09h15, 19h30, 20h00, 713 10 470
    seats (18) 20h15, 20h25, 20h30, 20h45, 21h00

    Standard 1 (B) (18) 06h30 – 22h20 (every 30 min.) 713 10 403
    Standard 2 (1) 05h00h00 PM 713 10 322
    Standard 2 (18) 05h30 – 22h00 713 10 314



    Areas such as Silom-Sathon and Asok have for decades been Thailand's capital city heart. Ratchadaphisek district was turned into a city business area which extended through the Asoke district up the north for kilometers. The Sukhumvit district, gradually turned into a mixed commercial and residential district.

    asoke-ratchadapisek Hotels
    Chao Phraya Park
    Tel.02-290-0125/50; Fax.02-290-0167-8
    Crystal Hotel
    Tel.02-274-6441/8; Fax.02-274-6449
    Tel.02-641-1500; Fax. 02-641-1560
    Maxx Hotel
    Tel.02-248-0011; Fax.02-248-5990. 94
    Tel.02-641-4777-888: Fax.02-641-
    Royal Pacific Hotel
    Te1.02-319-7650/2: Fax.02-318-1450
    Tel.02-530-0562-79; Fax.02-539-6104
    Swissotel Le Concorde Bangkok
    The Emerald
    Tel.02-276-4567; Fax.02-276-4555
    The Grand Ayothaya
    Tel.02-274-1515; Fax.02-274-0506
    The Palazzo
    Tel.02-276-4999; Fax.02-276-5000


    This part of Bangkok is perhaps the most happening for tourists and travelers with the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Sanam Luang and various great locations spread here.


    Further to the north, after the Lat Phrao/Phahonyothin crossroads, the Northern Valley is an expanding city business area, where the famous 3 Heads Elephant Building are found.

    Frther out to the east and north. The west of Bangkok in Thon Buri is anvarious growing district , approaching the degree of development experienced by the north and east. Suvarnabhumi Airport in the east is seen as a jump start for the eastern expansion of Bangkok as Don Mueang was for the north.


    The Sukhumvit district also serves as a shopping and entertainment area for farangs.

    Find Hotel in Sukhumvit district Bangkok
    Amari Boulevard Hotel
    Tel.02-255-2930; Fax.02-255-29502
    Ambassador Hotel
    Tel.02-254-0444; Fax.02-253-4123
    Ariston Hotel
    Tel.02-259-0960/69; Fax.02-259-0970
    Bel-Aire Princess
    city business Grand
    Federal Hotel
    Tel.02-253-0175; Fax.02-253-5332
    Four Wings Hotel
    Tel.02-260-2100; Fax.02-260-2343
    Grace Hotel
    Tel.02-253-0651/79; Fax.02-253-0680
    Grand -    lotel
    Jade Pavilion
    Tel.02-261-0000; Fax.02-258-2328
    JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok
    Tel.02-656-7700; 02-656-7711
    Majestic Grande
    Tel.02-262-2999; Fax.02-262-2900
    Manhattan Hotel
    Tel.02-255-0166-88; Fax.02-255-3481
    Novotel Lotus Bangkok
    Tel.02-261-0111; Fax.02-262-1700
    Tel.02-650-8800; Fax.02-650-8500-1
    President Inn
    Ra-jah Hotel
    Tel.02-255-0040/83; Fax.02-255-7160


    Ploenchit-Ratchadamri district This is Bangkok's most fashionable shopping and entertainment area, where some of the city's trendiest and largest malls and shopping and entertainment centers are placed. They include the 9-storey Central World Plaza, which hosts both Zen and Isetan Shopping Complexs, Central Chidlom Shopping Complex, and the high-end Gaysorn Plaza, Peninsula Plaza and Amarin Plaza.

    ploenchit-petchburi Hotel Contacts
    Amari Atrium
    Tel.02-718-2000/1; Fax.02-718-2002
    Amari Watergate
    Tel.02-653-9000; Fax.02-653-9045
    Tel .02 - 31 4 41-    ; 81 Fax. Fax 02 - 314 5961 -
    Arnoma Hotel Bangkok
    Tel.02-255-3410: Fax.02-255-3456
    Tel .02 - 21 5 0808; -    Fax .02 - 21 54360
    Baiyoke II
    Tel .02 - 656 3000 -
    Baiyoke Suite
    Tel.02-255-7755, 02-255-4411;
    Bangkok City Inn
    Tel.02-253-5372; Fax.02-253-7774
    Bangkok Palace Hotel
    Tel.02-253-0510/50; Fax.02-253-0556
    Convenient Park Bangkok
    Tel.02-332-3925/6; Fax.02-331-055
    D' MA Pavilion
    Tel.02-650-0288; Fax.02-650-029
    Diamond City Hotel
    Tel.02-611-3181, 09-770-562
    Eastin Bangkok Hotel
    Tel.02-651-7600; Fax.02-252-290
    Europa Inn
    Tel.02-248-5511/28; Fax.02-248-5529
    First Hotel
    Tel.02-247-0103-4; Fax.02-247-7419
    Four Seasons
    Tel.02-251-6127; Fax.02-253-9195
    Grand Diamond
    Grand Hyatt Erawan
    Tel.02-254-1234; Fax.02-253-5856
    Hotel Plaza Athene, Bangko
    Tel.02-650-8800, 02-650-8500/1
    Indra Regent
    Tel.02-208-0022/33; Fax.02-208-0388/9
    Tel.02-319-2421/8; Fax.02-319-2323
    Khurana Inn
    Tel.02-679-7127-36; Fax.02-287-1457
    Tel.02-656-2590/4, 02-251-5171
    Novotel Siam Square
    Tel.02-209-8888; Fax.02-255-1824
    Path umwan Princess
    Tel.02-216-3700; Fax.02-216-3730
    President Park
    Tel.02-251-6127; Fax.02-253-9195

    A modem shopping and entertainment district comprising interlocked streets. It has a collection of cheap to mid-price fashionable garment outlets. Its most happening shopping and entertainment complex is the gigantic MBK or Ma Boon Krong, which proposes a wide range of goods from mobile phones to fashion and furniture. Nearby shopping and entertainment centers include Siam Center, also with quite cheap garment outlets, and Siam Discovery, which has more upscale clientèle.

    Chatuchak (Jatujak in Thai)

    The happening Chatuchak (Jatujak in Thai) Weekend Market in the north of the city is where many people head for cheap, used and high quality products.
    Probably the world's l flea market, Chatuchak (Jatujak in Thai) is open Saturdays and Sundays (7 a.m. to 6 pm) and proposes almost anything I sun from exotic fresh fruit handicrafts, paintings, ceramics, dress materials, furniture, toys, domestic utensils, pets, plants to used books.

    Suriwong-Silom Pratunam
    spread at the corner of Phetchaburi and Ratchadamri roads, it is packed with stalls and outlets proposing all kinds of ready-to-wear garment at a bargain.

    Hotels in Silom-sathorn district Bangkok Centre Hotel
    Tel.02-238-4848-57; Fax.02-236-1862
    Banyan Tree Bangkok Hotel
    Tel.02-679-1200; Fax. 02-879-1199
    Bosotel Inn
    Tel.02-630-6120/9; Fax.012-327-3225
    Boss Mansion
    Dusit Thani
    Tel.02-236-9999; Fax.02-236-6400
    Evergreen Laurel
    Tel.02-266-9988, 02-266-7266; Fax.02-
    Forum Park Hotel
    Tel.02-678-4865/74; Fax.02-678-4986/7
    Holiday Inn Silom Bangkok
    Tel.02-238-4300; Fax.02-266-7701
    Tel.02-238-0230-58; Fax.02-234-3363
    Tel.02-234-5070-89; Fax.02-266-5411
    Tel.02-688-1000; Fax.02-291-1048
    Monarch Lee Garden
    Tel.02-238-1991; Fax.02-238-1999
    Montien Bangkok
    Tel.02-233-7060-9; Fax.02-236-5218-9
    Montien Riverside
    Tel.02-292-2999, 02-292-2962; Fax.02-
    Narai Hotel
    Tel.02-237-0100; Fax.02-235-6789
    New Peninsula
    Tel.02-234-3910-6; Fax.02-236-5526
    Niagara Hotel
    Tel.02-233-5783, 02-635-0676-85; Fax.02-
    Pan Pacific
    Tel.02-632-9000; Fax.02-632-9001

    Yawarat (chinatown for Bangkokians) is lined with wide gold jewelry stores, it also matches with outlets and stalls proposeing everything from amulets, Chinese medicine to household goods, toys wholesale and detail, cheap VCDs and DVDs, etc.

    Phanthip Plaza
    Bangkok packed-up Electronic and computer shopping area, 8 stories of all hardware you can find with the best prices, pirate software and all kinds of IT related stores, plus restaurants bars and food outlets and inside find-it-all market, you can even have a website registered, hosted and made in 1 hour for 5000 Baht... Amazing Thailand


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