West Indies have never been so posh: spoil yourself at Jamaica's best resorts. 


Third largest island in the Caribbean Sea, topped by the world famous Blue Mountains is the Princess of the West Indies: Jamaica.

Jamaica is also one of the Great Tourist Destinations and finding cheap accommodation can be become very hard if you don't know where to look.

Secure Hotel Booking Allows you to compare all hotel prices of over 200 hotels and resorts in Jamaica: Kingston, Portmore, Spanish Town, Mandeville, Ocho Ríos, Port Antonio, Negril, and Montego Bay... and find the cheapest rates available online for your stay.

To find a hotel in Kingston Harbor for example, just click on Kingston in the list above.

Secure Hotel Booking is also providing special press coverage during Jamaican Reggae Sumfest with the collaboration of Roots Reggae Radio

Flying to Jamaica:

Jamaican Airports:
There are two international airports in Jamaica:


Manley International Airport in Montego Bay, Kingston and serves Port Antonio; provides little connecting domestic traffic.

Sangster International Airport, Montego Bay, Kingston: Is the main airport in Jamaica. It is very convenient if you are having a hotel reservation in Ocho, Montego Bay or Negril and provides the best domestic flights


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SHB also provides accommodation around main tourist attractions in Jamaica:

  • Dunn's River waterfalls in St. Ann
  • YS waterfalls in St. Elizabeth
  • Blue Lagoon in Portland
  • Blue Lagoon in Port Royal



Getting Around in Jamaica

Thanks to the resourcefulness of Jamaicans, getting around in Jamaica is easy and depending on how fare you want to go and how much you want to spend, you'll always have a way to reach your destination by buses, taxis, planes, shared vans and even motorcycle.

By Airplane
Airplane is the most expensive way to visit Jamaica of course, but if you compare it to the time it will take to move far inside the country with the time you got left in your holidays, you'll probably think again.

Domestic flights can be arranged from most hotel lobby travel agent if you want to get the best prices go straight to the airport.

Public Transportation
Public transportation is cheap but not short of an adventure if you are not used to tropical countries. All existing vehicle can be transformed in taxi or mini tour bus but we advise that you always use a licensed transporter.

For some destinations you'll have to trust unbranded vehicles to reach remote beach resorts and in that case patience is the best friend of the negotiation.


Juta is the official and recommended transporter in Jamaica for tourists. It was created specially to fit travelers needs and is well equipped.

Juta provides a wide range of air-conditioned cars, buses, vans and limousines and drivers are  trained professionals. Juta's routes cover all major hotel and resorts ares in the Island.

Renting a car in Jamaica

Renting a car is easy thing in Jamaica, you'll see dozens of counters upon arrival. Use these counters for local car rentals in Kingston are often crooks and hotels charge enormous prices. Once again take your time to choose, don't follow salesmen.








Jamaica is much much more than beaches and hotels is more than beaches and hotels but you'll have to sleep somewhere and so SHB has listed for you hotels in all major Jamaica's tourist attraction centers.

You can also compare hotel rates and bungallws in all major resort towns of Kingston, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, the South Coast, Negril, and Port Antonio....

South Coast hotels:

  • - Mandeville
  • - Milk River Bath & Spa
  • - YS waterfalls
  • - Black River
  • - Treasure Beach
  • - Lovers' Leap
  • - Appleton Estate

Montego Bay : find cheap hotel near

  • - The Luminous Lagoon
  • - Rose Hall and Greenwood Great Houses
  • - Croydon and Hilton Plantations
  • - The “Hip Strip”
  • - Golf Courses

The Kingston resorts:

  • - Spanish Town
  • - Port Royal

Find cheap hotel in Port Antonio near:

  • - Folly Ruins
  • - The Blue Lagoon and Frenchman's Cove
  • -Foxes Caves
  • - The Errol Flynn Marina
  • - Nonsuch

The Ocho Rios : find cheap hotel near

  • - Dunn’s River waterfalls
  • - Fern Gully
  • - Shaw Park
  • - Cranbrook Gardens
  • - Dover Raceway
  • - Coyaba



Useful information beforehand

Very easy to change money in Jamaica, you can do so in every bank but try to avoid changing at hotel counters if you want your trip to Jamaica last longer.
You can also easily withdraw cash from many Automatic Teller Machines in every bank.

Use of Drugs
Using, possessing or selling drugs in Jamaica is prohibited, be careful, you can smoke weed everywhere but you'll have to avoid traps and tricks... just do it at home or on the beach. Stay away from cocain in Jamaica, it is widespread and dangerous.

Driving in Jamaica
Jamaica is driven on the left, don't forget that.

Speed limit is 50 kh (30 mh) in city areas, and 80 kh (50 mh) on the Express Way.

International licenses are recognised but it's not one of these you need in Jamaica, If you want to reach your hotel safely you'll have to use your mirrors and your horn.


The electrical supply in Jamaica is 110 volts / 50 Hz

Holidays and Events

Jamaicans love to celebrate festivals and Holidays and if you want to go to Jamaica these days you'd better reserve in advance and be well ready because everythingn apart from hotels and restaurants is closed:


  • New Year's Day (January 1)
  • Labor Day (May 23)
  • Emancipation Day (August 1)
  • Reggae Sumfest (no fix date)
  • Independence Day (August 6)
  • Jamrock Reggae Festival (no fix date)
  • Christmas Day (December 25)
  • Heroes Day (third Monday in October)






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More useful Links for Travelers in Jamaica:

Travel Laws in Jamaica



Air Jamaica Phone Number is 800-523-5585
(North America & Caribbean Islands);
(Jamaica); 44 (0) 20 8570 7999


Air Canada Phone Number is 888-247-2262
Airport: Kingston & Montego Bay
Air Jamaica Phone Number is 1-800-523-5585
Airport: Kingston & Montego Bay
American Airlines Phone Number is 800-433-7300
Airport: Kingston
British Airways Phone Number is 0870-850-9850 (UK)
Airport: Kingston & Montego Bay
Continental Airlines Phone Number is 800-231-0856
Airport: Kingston
Thomson Fly Phone Number is 0870 1900 737
Airport: Montego Bay
United Airlines Phone Number is 800-538-2929
Airport: Montego Bay
Thomas Cook Airlines Phone Number is 0870-750-5711
Airport: Montego Bay
US Airways Phone Number is 800-622-1015
Airport: Montego Bay
Virgin Atlantic Phone Number is 0870 380 2007
Airport: Kingston & Montego Bay
Delta Air Lines Phone Number is 800-221-1212
Airport: Kingston & Montego Bay
First Choice Airways Phone Number is 0871-200-7799
Airport: Montego Bay
My Travel Phone Number is 011-44-161-232-743
www.mytravel .com
Airport: Montego Bay
Northwest Airlines Phone Number is 800-225-2525
Airport: Montego Bay
Spirit Airlines Phone Number is 800-772-7117
Airport: Kingston & Montego Bay






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