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    Rayong Resort opposite Ko Samet, Rayong Province, Thailand

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    The Rayong Resort is one of the most awesome property in Thailand, the only reason why Rayong Resort is not listed in the top 10 hotels in the kingdom is that it's not located in a famous tourist destination.

    Rayong Resort is a four starts resort hotel with very affordable prices, it is also equipped with a 40 meters Yacht that ships around Ko Samet for dinners at sun-set, a 400 meters wooden deck advancing into the Bay of Ban Phe, 10,000 square meters of a beautifully groomed tropical garden and owns the whole peninsula it's been built on.

    Built as colonial resort Rayong Resort is made of 2 immaculate white wings of 3 stories ,  6 private villas over the sea, a stunning swimming pool and is gracefully decorated with an original Marine Antique collection as well as endless collections of perfectly preserved shells and marine fossils.

    Certainly an experience to live for 79$ per night only!
    179$ for luxury suites facing the ocean on 3 sides!

    Discovering Rayong Resort

    Rayong has several tourist poles: Ko Samet, Rayong City (Muang Rayong), Ban Chang, Hat Mae Ramphung Beach and Lam Mae Phim Beach, all of them are mixed Thai and Foreigners clientele and serves mainly as quick weekend escape for Bangkokians (Rayong Province can be reached in 1 hour from Bangkok)

    Rayong mainland is unknown from mass tourism but there are few very good hotels and resorts to choose from; 11 in total for Rayong main land and 9 bungalow resorts on Ko Samet.

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