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Ko Samet is Bangkok's nearest paradise harbor.

SHB in Ko Samet

Reaching Ko Samet from Bangkok is fast and easy, you can get your bungalow on the beach in less than 3 hours, check out travel instructions.

Secure Hotel Booking proposes to compare prices of 9 resorts and quality bungalows in Ko Samet Island.

Ko Samet is a very popular travel destination and the Bangkok's Main Weekend gateway. The island offers countless not cheap at all guesthouses and hostels on and around the main White Sand Beach and by experience in making reservations for such accommodation who's management too often disregard confirmed reservations due to the pressure they have from walk-in customers.

we have decided to select only 9 reputable and safe bungalows and resorts in Ko Samet Island.




Reaching Ko Samet From Bangkok

To go to Ko Samet you'll have first to go to Ban Phe pear.

Ban Phe By Bus:
Buses to Ko Samet can be found at Ekkamai and Mo Chit Bus Terminals in Bangkok.
Ekkamai is at Ekkamai BTS station or can also be reached by Taxi or normal bus nb 2 from Kaosan Road to Sukhumvit.
Mo Chit is at MoChit BTS station or Chatuchak Subway station.
Fare is 170 Baht and the trip takes 2h30mn

Ban Phe by Taxi:
From Bangkok, the taxi to Ban Phe is 2.200 Baht.

From Ban Phe, take the Boat to Ko Samet
There are 2 pears in Ban Phe to go to Ko Samet, one is in front of the bus station, the other one is


Suvarnabhumi Airport to BanPhe


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