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    Oslo, the party city in the forest. 

    A modern capital right in the center of Norvegian wilderness, Oslo provides modernity and charm where hype cafés and entertainment venues are quickly replaced to mountain forests and ski resorts by just a subway trip.

    Hiking trails in the wilderness or trip to desert islands a few minutes away from your comfortable downtown hotel, Oslo has brought the Viking spirit to the 21st century.

    Here you will find hotels and rooms to rent nearby the Vigeland sculpture park, luxury or affordable rooms with view over the Akerselva River's banks or the various waterfalls, hotels in the trendy Griinerlokka district, where you will undoubtedly spend your time drinking with the warm and welcoming patrons.










    Tourist Areas / Attractions





    Places nearby Oslo







    TRAIN The train takes about 20 minutes from the city centre to the airport. 

    Airport Express Train (Flytoget)

    The Airport Express Train runs to your hotel in Drammen, Asker, Sandvika, Lysaker, Skøyen, Nationaltheatret, Oslo S and Lillestrøm.

    Updated train rates and tariffs can be found here 

    BUSES: a wide array of bus services are available from your hotel to the Airport, all very reliable they offer various standard of service 


    Ruter buses run to and from Oslo Airport and make a number of stops in the vicinity of the Airport.

    Ruter fares and timetables.

    Airport Express Coach (SAS Flybussen)

    The Airport Express Coach runs between Oslo city centre and Oslo Airport every 20 minutes every day.

    Flybussen fares and timetables.

    Nor-way bus Airport Coach (Flybussekspressen)

    The Nor-way bus Airport Coach runs to and from Majorstuen, Bekkestua, Ski and Fredrikstad.

    Flybussekspressen fares and timetables.

    OSL Ekspressen

    OSL Ekspressen runs services to/from Furuset, Tveita, Bøler, Skullerud, Abildsø and Lambertseter

    OSL Ekspressen fares and timetables


    Nettbuss runs services at Oslo Airport. Nettbuss also runs shuttle bus services between the airport and nearby hotels. Netbuss Express also runs to Måløy and Volda.

    Nettbuss fares and timetables.

    Information about shuttle buses

    Askeladden Reiser / Gardermobussen

    Askeladden Reiser runs an airport coach service between Sundvollen, Hønefoss, Jevnaker, Lunner and Oslo Airport.

    Askeladden Reiser fares and timetables.


    TIMEkspressen runs services between Gjøvik, Skreia, Oslo Airport and Oslo.

    TIMEkspressen fares and timetables.

    Boreal transport

    Boreal runs to Elverum amd Trysil.

    Timetables and fares for Boreal.


    Useful GPS / GPRS coordinates to reach the Airport from your hotel: 

    Her finner du GPS-koordinater til sentrale steder på Oslo lufthavn.


    Innkjøring til Terminalen - Avgang (øvre forplass)

    N 60° 11’ 34,0’’ E 11° 6’ 06,3’’

    Innkjøring til Terminalen - Ankomst (nedre forplass)

    N 60° 11’ 33,5’’ E 11° 6’ 05,9’’



    Innkjøring til parkeringshus

    N 60° 11’ 32,8’’ E 11° 6’ 04,5’’

    Innkjøring til parkering P0 (utvendig parkering ved terminalen)

    N 60° 11’ 32,9’’ E 11° 6’ 03,9’’

    Innkjøring til parkering P1

    N 60° 11’ 20,1’’ E 11° 5’ 55,4’’

    Innkjøring til parkering P2

    N 60° 11’ 10,9’’ E 11° 5’ 55,6’’

    Innkjøring til parkering P3

    N 60° 11’ 01,2’’ E 11° 5’ 47,6’’

    Innkjøring til parkering P4

    N 60° 10’ 55,7’’ E 11° 5’ 13,8’’

    Innkjøring til parkering P5

    N 60° 10’ 53,9’’ E 11° 5’ 05,3’’

    Innkjøring til parkering P6

    N 60° 11’ 17,8’’ E 11° 5’ 28,6’’



    N 60° 11’ 24,9’’ E 11° 5’ 21,5’’


    N 60° 11’ 22,0’’ E 11° 6’ 16,7’’


    N 60° 11’ 22,0’’ E 11° 6’ 16,7’’

    Varemottak øst, Hans Dons vei 20

    N 60° 11’ 26,3’’ E 11° 6’ 12,4’’



    N 60° 11’ 25,0’’ E 11° 6’ 09,0’’

    Bom ved Flyporten

    N 60° 11’ 26,2’’ E 11° 6’ 08,6’’


    N 60° 11’ 23,3’’ E 11° 6’ 10,5’’

    SAS Teknisk Base

    N 60° 11’ 02,8’’ E 11° 5’ 56,8’’



    Oslo's central train station Oslo Sentralstasjon, or 'Oslo S is located to the east of the city centre and we propose a few hotels in this vicinity. From there the main Karl Johans gate street runs through the heart of the city and its most central accommodations as well as the Griinerlokka neighbourhood, Storgata and Akerselva. 








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