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Nyhavn Canal Quayside View Hotel.

Copenhagen (København) Hotels

pop 1.5 million
Favorite destination for couples and family, cosmopolitan yet convivial, Copenhagen displays the charm of its preserved history and culture in a colorful and youthful decor.

Find a hotel within your budget in this 1000-year-old city with view on the Tivoli gardens or a view of the Nyhavn Canal Quayside to enjoy the full atmosphere of Copenhagen in a cosy room with the best promotion rates. 

Reaching Copenhagen via the airport (12 mn) away from your city centre hotel or by train from elsewhere in Europe or Scandinavia, most people’s vavorite hotel location because of their view of Copenhagen are located near the Central Station (Hovedbanegården). 
From the East of the main entrance are the Tivoli Gardens and the City Hall Square (Rådhuspladsen), where spreads the shopping disctricts, Strøget then leads to the another shopping square, the Kongens Nytorv and then the always animated quay of Nyhavn. So if you are not sure in what area you want to select a hotel at, this is probably where you should look first. 

Please find below more information about Copenhagen attractive and convenient hotel areas as well as detailed information about hotel airports for last minute layover. 












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Cultural capital of Northern Europe, Copenhagen proposes a wide variety of small city and family hotels, cosy and inexpensive, that will rival with the best international hotel chains to make of your stay a memorable experience. 




Most major European Airlines serve Denmark via the Copenhagen Airport and the Roskilde Airport 

To your Copenhagen Hotel by Bus

Free Airport Shuttle Bus to Main Hotel and Tourist Sites Areas

The free shuttle bus picks-up at P1, Terminal 2 and 3. Train Station in Terminal 3. Parkingareas P15 and P17.

Daily from 04.30 – 23.30 (last bus from P1) every 15 minutes.

Nightly from 23.30 - 04.30 each 20 minutes.. 

Bus stops and timetable between 04.30 - 23.30:

P 15  16  31  46   01 
By Netto  18  33   48   03 
By Hilton  20   35   50   05 
Lufthavnsboulevarden 6   23   38   53   08 
P1  02   17   32   47 
Lufthavnsboulevarden 6   04   19   34   49 
Terminal 2  06  21  36  51
Ternimal 3  08  23  38  53
SAS Guard  10  25  40  55
P15 Main Guard  12  27  42  57
P17  14  29  44  59


Bus stops and timetable between 23.30 - 04.30:

P 15   10   30   50 
By Netto   12   32   52 
By Hilton   14   34   54 
Lufthavnsboulevarden 6   16   36   56 
P1  18   38   58 
Lufthavnsboulevarden 6   19   39   59 
Terminal 2  21  41  01
Terminal 3  02  22  42
SAS Guard  04  24  44
P15 Main Guard  06  26  46
P17  08  28  48



Buses to and from CPH Airport to your hotel in the city center

Bus Number 5A 
Copenhagen Airport (Københavns Lufthavn) – Husum Torv
Copenhagen Airport (International) - Skottegaaarden - Sundbyvester Plads - Amagerbro st. - Central Station - City Center - Norreport st. - Norrebro st. - Bellahoj - Husum Torv
Remark: 5A operates during the night.

More about time tables and rates:

Bus Number 35 
Copenhagen Airport (Københavns Lufthavn), – DR Byen St.
Copenhagen Airport (International) - CFopenhagen Airport East – Dragør, A.P. Møllers Alle - Dragør stationsplads - Store Magleby - Tømmerup - Amagerhallen - Sundbyvester Plads - Irlandsvej - Dr Byen St.

More about schedules and rates:

Bus Number 36 
Copenhagen Airport (Københavns Lufthavn), – Nøragersmindevej
Copenhagen Airport (International) - Korsvejens Skole - Tårnby st. - Nøragersmindevej

More about schedules and rates:

Bus Number 888
Copenhagen Airport (Københavns Lufthavn) – Århus

More about schedules and rates:

Bus Number 999 Gråhundbus
More about schedules and rates:

Copenhagen Airport (Københavns Lufthavn) – Sweden (Sverige)
More about schedules and rates:

Swebus Express:

Nettbuss Express:



Trains from Copenhagen to the Airport and Airport Hotels

Where to Buy Train tickets
Buy your transport titles at the DSB ticket office on top of the railway station of the Terminal 3. Tickets and train passes can be acquired at all automatic ticket vending machines spread around the station. 

Please find all maps at the bottom of this page. 

Commute between your hotel and Copenhagen Airport
You'll buy your tickets and passes at the office of the 3rd Terminal. There are free bus shuttles between Terminal 1 and Terminal 3, it takes under 5 minutes

For more information please visit the official websites of the according transport companies: 


Train schedule to and from CPH to Copenhagen Hotels


To/from Frequency Arr. at CPH Dep. from CPH
Copenhagen Every 10 minutes Track 1 Track 2
Elsinore Every 20 minutes Track 1 Track 2
Bornholm 4-5 times daily Track 2 Track 1
Denmark other With train change Track 1 Track 2


To/From Frequency Arr. at CPH Dep. from CPH
Malmö Every 20 minutes Track 2 Track 1
Ystad 4-5 times dailyt Track 2 Track 1
Göteborg/Kalmar Every two hours Track 2 Track 1
Sweden other With train change Track 2 Track 1



Metro is the transport that will bring you nearest your hotel at the cheapest rate

The Metro station Metro station can be found at the end of Terminal 3

Tickets for the subway / Metro are sold inside the station and at the DSB counter of Terminal 3. Ticket machines don't accept banknotes, but only coins and major credit cards. 

How to commute by subway / Metro to and from your hotel: 
The subway / Metro runs every 5 minutes by day and 20 minutes at night, the journey to Center Copenhagen Hotels takes 15 minutes. 

 There are airlines companies' check-in counters at the station that allow printing of boarding passes and luggage tags. 


Taxi to and from your Hotel

Taxi drops: 

Taxis drop departing passengers at Terminal 2 and 3.

Taxi Pick-ups
Taxis can pick-up arriving passengers at Terminal 3.

No tips are required and taxi fares can be settled by cash or all major credit cards. 

Taxis to Sweden
The taxi line reserved for taxis to Sweden is located outside Terminal 3 but local Danish taxis can also arrange trips to Sweden.


Car Rentals at the Copenhagen Airport

Here are the companies operating a car rental booth at the Copenhagen Airport, they will also help you get GPS instructions to reach your hotel. 

Company: Location: Telephone: 
EuropCar Terminal 3 +45 3250 3090 +45 3252 1854
Hertz Terminal 3 +45 3317 9030  
Avis Terminal 3 +45 3251 2299 +45 3251 3051
Budget Terminal 3 +45 3252 3900 +45 3252 5218
Sixt Terminal 3 +45 3248 1100 +45 3248 1101
Enterprise Terminal 3 +45 70 70 12 00  


GPS Codes

 GPS coordinates for the Copenhagen Airport: 55.6181° N, 12.6561° E


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